A cloud based Point of sale solution

Aabgine is a SaaS project started by a self-satisfactory product to manage our businesses’ needs and then grown as an online business that serves hundreds of online businesses around the nation

Project's Purpose

  • Need of an integrated cloud-based fully scalable software for managing our businesses' finance
  • Desire for launching a SaaS business as a software company
  • A sharp growth in e-commerce market by small businesses who needed a simple yet useful BFM


+700k Invoice issued
+1k Days of support


  • By studying the existing solution's limits and weaknesses beside acknowledging the potential clients needs (including ourselves) for BFM software, we designed a software with almost all the essential features yet simple to use
  • We grabbed the attention of hundreds of small startups demanding a simple and user-friendly BFM
  • We sold the solution to even big organizations such as museum complexes having thousands of transactions a day and have bin extending the contract with them for the third year


  • We have been testing our solution by using it as our main BFM in all of our businesses from rentals to online stores and have it actively updated and developed
  • We dedicated most of our time and resources to this project and have been upgrading our technical knowledge to expand our market among the nation