Building an a-frame cabin and facilate it as a rental accomodation

Arash and Arman built their second a-frame cabin in arixplanet from scratch, based on their experience and passion about these amazing type of buildings.

Project's Purpose

Popularity of A-frame cabins was increasing among our guests who stayed in Rangin Khaneh and seen Ashianeh has made us think about building one for our guests.


  • We designed and crafted a beautiful a-frame cabin that got admired as one of most well-designed and well-crafted cabins in the region many times by critics


  • Based the experience we gained by building Ashianeh, we tried to facilitate ourselves with more advanced tools
  • We took help from a professional carpenter in the project and asked him to improve our approaches mainly in joints and isolation
  • With the help of 3D modeling software Sketch Up, we made a 3d model of our designed cabin to have a more vivid image of what we were about to build