Rangin Khaneh

The colorful house

A short distance from the rice fields, within Besharat Family Farm, Rangin khaneh farm-stay is a lovely rural retreat. A colorful place among an avocado farm with panoramic views of the mountain range.

Delicious food, comfortable and well equipped rooms and a relaxed atmosphere. All rooms are ground floor and have their own design. Plenty of outdoor space. Ideally situated for Ramsar Airport and accessible to Farmer markets. All meals are served in the farmhouse conservatory. Mini kitchen facilities are available.There is a good opportunity for a great escape holiday, specially for members of startups who want to spend time close to the nature for days to concentrate on their ideas, few steps away there is a unique co-working space among the trees called Blok*.

Project's Purpose

  • To let people of the city, experience the atmosphere of rural lifestyle
  • Expanding our network in a unique and efficient way
  • An extra income channel


  • Attracting the guests
  • Providing high-quality services
  • Providing guests’ activities in the observation and participation in the farming operations.
  • Making sustainable connection with local people
  • Having a positive impact on local people's finance


  • Content Marketing via social media and photo blogging
  • Throwing Traditional Events
  • Designing a website with a booking system
  • Fresh ingredients from farmers' market cooked with special recipe by our skilled chef
  • Daily House-keeping
  • Studying hotel management best practices
  • Buying from local people frequently
  • Support local businesses by promoting their product/services to the guests