Khoone Madarjoon Eco-lodge

Reconstructed Grandmother's House turned into an Eco-Lodge

Our project is centered around transforming a reconstructed old house into an Eco-lodge called Khoone Madarjoon (The Grandmother’s House), which is named after Marjan’s grandmother, Leila Khanoom. They aim to provide guests with an authentic rural experience, complete with traditional local food and experimental activities led by local tour guides. Their goal is to promote sustainable tourism while preserving the local culture and heritage. Join them on this exciting journey where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of rural life, indulge in the flavors of local cuisine, and participate in unique activities that showcase the best of the countryside.

Project's Purpose

The project is designed to immerse city dwellers in the authentic rural lifestyle, complete with the traditional local dishes and special ingredients that make the experience truly unique. They aim to expand our network in an innovative and efficient way, providing an educational and entertaining experience that showcases the local culture and way of life. Additionally, they aspire to create an extra income channel for the local community, promoting economic growth and sustainability.


  • Attracting guests to the Eco-lodge
  • Providing high-quality services to guests
  • Offering guests activities that allow them to observe and participate in farming operations
  • Establishing sustainable connections with local people
  • Making a positive impact on the financial well-being of the local community


  • Content marketing through social media and photo blogging to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of the Eco-lodge
  • Hosting traditional events to immerse the guests in the local culture and customs
  • Designing a user-friendly website to facilitate easy booking and communication with the guests
  • Preparing fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers' markets using special recipes by the skilled chef (Marjan's mother)
  • Providing daily housekeeping services to ensure the guests' comfort and convenience
  • Implementing hotel management best practices to ensure the highest level of service for the guests
  • Buying from local people frequently to support the local economy and promote sustainable tourism
  • Supporting local businesses by promoting their products and services to the guests, contributing to their financial well-being.