The Multi purpose Hall

A Restaurant and Event Hosting

Our dishes are made with local produce and many of our ingredients are organic. Some of the herbs used in our dishes are only found in the northern maintains of north pastes and hams are made here in our own kitchen when the produce is in season. Most importantly, our food is made with love with recipes from our mothers, passed on from their mothers.

Project's Purpose

  • Need of a bigger dining saloon for our Eco-lodge's guests
  • Need of an venue for the events we plan and throw
  • Need of a big and facilitated kitchen for the Cooking Events


  • Built a building with a design in harmony with other elements nearby
  • Finance preparation and cost management
  • Legal works such as required legal permits
  • Providing high quality local dishes to hundreds of guests
  • Having a great venue with an amazing hill view for the events we throw


  • Got loan from the government despite of too many obstacles and difficulties
  • Getting consultation from many architects and civil engineers ending up with a plan that suits nearly all our requirements