Old house Reconstruction

Grandmother's House Reconstruction

A typical bungalow made of Cob that was belonging to Marjan’s grand mother Leila Khanoom. The house was abandoned for more than 10 years and had poor condition unlivable. The roof was ruined and walls were damaged by the rodent animals. It started to get destroyed the time Marjan decided to reconstruct it to save it for the next generation due to the valuable memories she had with this house and the people who used to live there.

Project's Purpose

Saving a memorable place from destruction with as minor changes as possible.


  • Minor footprint of reconstructions
  • Being fully livable at its maximum capacity
  • Cost efficiency
  • Use of knowledgeable local builders
  • Use of local and traditional materials


This house was built by (Cob). So we decided to use same material to repair the destroyed parts. We achieved it all by use of Cob, cobb or clom (in Wales) that is is a natural building material made from subsoil, water, fibrous organic material (typically straw), and sometimes lime. We also found local carpenters who were familiar with the old wooden structures and have them on board to recreate destroyed wooden parts such as the balcony's piles, the wooden fence of balcony and their helped us find old doors and windows to get them installed on the house body.